DFG EXC 236: Tailor Made Fuels from Biomass

  Picture TMFB Copyright: © Picture: TMFB Research fields of the TMFB-cluster

The research cluster “Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass” (TMFB) analyzes novel biofuels from the original biomass to its use in a gasoline or diesel engine. The cluster approaches the production of biofuels via a selective (bio-) chemical synthesis based on lignin, under the constraint of preserving the environment and reducing the emissions of the engine. Developing biofuels incorporates various fields of research such as biological-, chemical- and mechanical engineering. Therefore, several institutes of the RWTH Aachen University participate in the TMFB-research cluster.

Within this framework, the Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer experimentally analyses the spray break-up and mixture formation of the various fuel candidates under engine-like conditions. For simulating in-cylinder conditions, specialized high-pressure chambers are used. Their windows allow the application of different optical measurement techniques such as Phase-Doppler-Anemometry, Particle-Image-Velocimetry, Laser-Induced-Fluorescence, Laser-Correlated-Velocimetry, High-Speed-Visualizations or Ballistic-Imaging.


Project details

Projekt Duration

  • 01/2008 – 12/2012 (1st phase)
  • 01/2013 – 12/2017 (2nd phase)

Funded by

  • German Research Fundation (DFG)
  • Science Council (WG)



  • AIA
  • VKA
  • LTT
  • ITV
  • LTFD
  • SWL
  • AVT


  • IME
  • MPI
  • Öko-Institut e.V.

Applied Infrastructure


  • custom made engine fuel injection systems
  • mono disperse droplet generator
  • constant pressure flow vessels


  • shadowgraphy
  • Mie-scattering imaging(direct illumination and light sheet)
  • Schlieren imaging
  • microscopy

Laser measurement

  • LCV
  • PDA
  • LDA
  • 2c-LIF
  • PIV
  • ballistic imaging


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