Helmoltz Virtual Institute for Gasification Technology

  Entrained flow gasifier Copyright: © Bioliq Entrained flow gasifier, pilot plant at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The Helmholtz Virtual Institute for Gasification Technology was established to bring together excellent scientific and engineering competences of the partner institutes from research centers and universities in Europe to promote a new level of scientific collaboration in the field of fuel conversion. The research work is primarily focused on the modeling of the gasification process of solid/liquid fuels in an entrained flow reactor. The mathematical description of the multi-phase reacting system in the gasification reactor is the major scientific challenge of the research cooperation. The overall objective of research work is a knowledge based simulation tool for the design and scale-up of a technical entrained flow gasifier for a wide range of feedstock and products.

Entrained flow gasification is the technology applied most widely for commercial gasification due to its advantage in producing tar-free synthesis gas from solid and liquid low-grade feedstock. The high-quality synthesis gas is used in catalytic processes for the production of chemicals and fuels and for combustion in gas turbines for power generation.

The Institute of Heat and Mass transfer contributes by investigating the kinetics of gas-solid reactions and determining kinetic parameters that serve as input data for numerical simulations.


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10/2011 – 10/2016

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