Experimental and numerical analysis of the interaction of sprays with thin wallfilms

  Selected fluiddynamic sub-processes of spray-wallfilm interaction. Copyright: © WSA Selected fluiddynamic sub-processes of spray-wallfilm interaction.

The interaction of high-density sprays with thin wall-films is of technical relevance for IC engine applications. Scientific literature offers a large number of investigations on single-droplet/wall-film-interaction, which have led to the development of various models describing the outcome of the interaction process. Own studies on spray/wallfilm-interaction suggest that for high-density sprays single-droplet-effects are of minor importance. Instead, droplet swarming (including droplet collisions and simultaneous impact of a multitude of droplets) and jet impingement (including jet deflection and wall-shear-stresses) dominate liquid deposition and removal. In the given proposal, the influence of swarming and shear stress will be quantified by experimental and numerical methods, applying a state-of-the-art numerical spray model, a generic experimental setup, and laser-based optical measurement techniques.


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  • Microscopy
  • Highspeed-Visualisation
  • Interferometry
  • Laser-induced fluorescence