Numerical and experimental analysis of film flows on vertical and negatively inclined fibers

  Analysis of film flows on vertical and negatively inclined fibers Copyright: © WSA

Falling liquid thin films are thin layers of fluid flowing down an inclined or vertical wall while on their free surface being exposed to the atmosphere. This type of flow offers increased heat and mass transfer rates due to its wavy free surface. For this reason, fal­ling films are used in various heat and mass transfer processes such as in cooling systems, desalination and food industry but also in coating processes and process engineering. In this study, the dripping regime in films flowing beneath curved substrates such as fibers with small radius will be analyzed through direct numerical simulation, low-dimensional modeling and experimental investigation. The aim is to provide physically motivated correlations for the onset of dripping and to quantify dripping mass flows and specific surface areas to enable a targeted design of respective processes.


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06/2020 – 12/2022

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Prof. Benoit Scheid, Université Libre de Bruxelles