Technikum and Laboratories

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The chair of Heat and Mass transfer offers a large variety of laboratories, which are the basis of a wide and varied research.

In total, there are more than 20 laboratories available for the research groups. Each of them has an supply port for compressed-air and cooling water. Most of the laboratories are also equipped with laser safety barrier systems, in order to carry out laser experiments. In addition to a common air conditioning system, the laboratories of the coal combustion have a suction system to remove combustion off-gases.

A special highlight is the combustion laboratory in the old thermal power station of the RWTH: It is possible to measure velocity, concentration and temperature profiles in the flame and in the flue gas of a 100kW burner.

The physical and chemical labs permit the determination of a big number of material characteristics on-location. Some examples are the measurement of particle size distributions, the proximate analysis of coal and the measurement of surface tension and refraction index.

A close cooperation with the mechanical and electrical workshop makes it possible to construct, manufacture and modify complex experiment setups. Therefore, a welding laboratory, a sheet metal working place, manual and numerical controlled milling machines and a 5 axis machining center are available.