Research projects

Project Title
CRC/Transregio 129 OxyflameDFG Collaborative Research Center/Transregio 129: Oxyflame
DFG CRC Transregio 129 Oxyflame - Subproject A1Experimental investigation of pyrolysis and char burnout kinetics in a Well-Stirred-Reactor under flame and burn-out conditions
DFG CRC Transregio 129 Oxyflame - Subproject C1Experimental investigation of a pulverized coal burning process to validate numerical models
DFG CRC Transregio 129 Oxyflame - Subproject C4Modelling of radiative properties of particles in pulverized coal flames during oxy-fuel-combustion
DFG SFB Transregio 96Thermo-Energetic Design of Machine Tools
DFG Graduiertenkolleg E-Mobility MobilEMIntegrated Energy Supply Modules for Roadbound E-Mobility
DFG Research Training Group Elektromobilität MobilEMOptimized cooling concepts of high-performance Li-ion storage
DFG Research Training Group Elektromobilität MobilEMInvestigation of single- and multiphase cooling systems for compact power electronic modules
DFG SPP1980Impact of atomization on particle synthesis in spray flames
DFG KN 764/17-1Experimental and numerical analysis of the interaction of sprays with thin wallfilms
DFG RE 4092/2-1Development of an intrapulmonary spray method for cell therapy
DFG ZUK II, RWTH Start-Up 333-18Influence of pressure and velocity gradients during atomization on deformation and viability of mesenchymal stem cells
DFG EXC 2186 - FSCCluster of Excellence “The Fuel Science Center” - Adaptive Conversion Systems for Renewable Energy and Carbon Sources
DFG EC 2186 - FSC, Subproject CA2-1-1Fundamental investigation of spray and droplet interaction phenomena in advanced combustion systems
DFG EXC 2186 - FSC, Subproject CA2-1-2Fuel-adapted manipulation of nozzle-internal and external breakup mechanisms for molecularly-controlled mixture formation
DFG EXC 2186 - FSC, Subproject CA2-2-15Local analysis and evaluation of innovative fuel-adaptive exhaust-gas abatement and aftertreatment strategies
ODINOsseo-disintegration of endosseous implants with biophysical methods (ODIN)
Thermally activatable wall systemThermally activatable wall system with self-learning control for storing energy in wooden houses
IGF-FKT 201/15Local separation of heat extraction and icing in ice stores

Here you can find the list of our completed research projects.