Research projects

DFG Collaborative Research Center/Transregio 129: Oxyflame
Experimental investigations of pyrolysis and char conversion kinetics in a well-stirred reactor under atmospheric and pressurised conditions
Experimental investigation of pulverised biomass combustion for validation of numerical models
Modelling of radiative properties of pulverised biomass particles during oxy-fuel combustion
Thermo-Energetic Design of Machine Tools
Integrated Energy Supply Modules for Roadbound E-Mobility
DFG Research Training Group Elektromobilität MobilEM
Impact of atomization on particle synthesis in spray flames
Development of an intrapulmonary spray method for cell therapy
Influence of pressure and velocity gradients during atomization on deformation and viability of mesenchymal stem cells
Cluster of Excellence “The Fuel Science Center” - Adaptive Conversion Systems for Renewable Energy and Carbon Sources
Fundamental investigation of spray and droplet interaction phenomena in advanced combustion systems
Fuel-adapted manipulation of nozzle-internal and external breakup mechanisms for molecularly-controlled mixture formation
Local analysis and evaluation of innovative fuel-adaptive exhaust-gas abatement and aftertreatment strategies
Experiments and CFD model development for wall condensation on containment structures
Analysis of film flows on vertical and negatively inclined fibers
Processes for efficient and sensor-based drying of buildings
Oxy-fuel combustion of Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) under cement kiln conditions

Here you can find the list of our completed research projects.