Heat exchanger and steam generators

  Pre-heater and evaporator Copyright: © WSA Pre-heater and evaporator of an Organic Rankine Cycle

Engineers are confronted with heat exchange problems not only in a variety of industrial applications but also in every day used products. Without heat exchanger, our comfortable life would not be possible, because neither fridges, cars with combustion engines nor thermal power plants would work. The high diversity of different heat exchanger types – from microchannel heat exchangers to large steam generators of coal fired power plants – offer many technic-related challenges.

Within the course, the students gain specific engineering knowledge especially in the field of energy conversation and process engineering. They will get to know about the different types used in applications as well as the basic engineering knowledge to design heat exchanger.

Students get to know

  • the most important characteristic numbers to describe heat exchangers
  • the theoretical guideline to design heat exchangers
  • the characteristic of technical evaporators as well as the understanding of different types of evaporators and steam generators
  • the usage of the Mollier diagram to describe technical processes based on humid air (cooling towers, drying processes, etc.)

After the course, students will be able to identify and evaluate the different types of heat exchangers through all kinds of technical systems. Furthermore, they will know the parameter necessary to design and analyze heat exchanger for application purpose. Thus, they will be able to transfer the theoretical knowledge on practical applications and to quantify the problems from reality.


  1. Heat exchanger types
  2. Heat exchanger without phase change
  3. Heat exchanger with phase change
  4. Usage of heat exchangers, evaporators and steam generators
  5. Heat and mass exchanging apparatus
  6. Applications