Technical Sprays

  Spray time series Copyright: WSA Time series of a spray from a diesel injector.

Knowledge and understanding

In this lecture, students will acquire knowledge in engineering and natural science. In particular, students will learn the fundamental concepts of in the working field energy and process engineering. The lecture deals with the engine-relevant spray and mixture formation. The students will learn to describe, identify and interpret the thermodynamic und fluid dynamic phenomena. The lecture includes the following topics:

  • fuel injection systems and their working parameter range
  • various fuels and their material properties
  • physical phenomena of engine-relevant spray and mixture formation
  • fundamental concepts of the experimental measurement techniques
  • fundamental concepts of numerical jet break-up simulation

After attending to this lecture, the student is able to use modern measurement techniques to characterize the jet break-up and interpreted his results. In combination with the acquired theoretical knowledge, the student will be able to indicate possible improvements.

The lecture is an elective course for undergraduate and graduate students and is offered every summer semester. In addition to the lecture, a laboratory tutorial will take place. The class will end with an oral exam.


1. Introduction

2. Fuels

3. Injection systems

4. Injectors

5. Jet break-up phenomena

6. Droplet size distributions

7. Measurement techniques

8 Simulation of Multi phase flow