Combustion and Gasification of Pulverised Fuel in a Mixture of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

  Combustion and Gasification of Pulverised Fuel Urheberrecht: © WSA

by Priv. Doz. Dr.‐Ing. habil. Dobrin Toporov,
ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG

WS 2016‐2017
at Institute of Heat‐ and Mass Transfer (WSA), RWTH Aachen

The main topics of the lectures are:

  • Energy demand worldwide. The role of coal in energy security, CO2 emissions,
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technological options;
  • Thermal conversion of solid fuels. Basic definitions and principles;
  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC);
  • Industrial Entrained Flow Coal Gasifiers. Designs and principles of operations;
  • IGCC Power Plants with CCS;
  • Oxycoal firing power plant. Designs and principles of operation;
  • Oxycoal firing plants with CCS;
  • Simulation of coal combustion/gasification processes. Modelling approaches;
  • Oxygen Production. Air separation units (ASU) in oxycoal and coal gasification plants. Cost of oxygen production and its impact on the overall processefficiency.