As the name already suggests, the focus of the teaching activity of the Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer lies on the transport of heat and mass in technical applications. Next to principle-based lectures, which cover the majority of the offered courses, the institute also offers application-oriented lectures, in which the previously conveyed basic knowledge is applied to different industrial scenarios.

In this regard, an essential role is taken by the lectures Heat and Mass Transfer I and Heat and Mass Transfer II, as they impart knowledge about the relevant physical transport mechanisms and the corresponding mathematical approaches for describing and solving the phenomena involved. Since thermo technical problems in particular occur in almost all engineering tasks, especially the first part of this series of lectures poses an important aspect of a prospective engineer’s education.

On this basis, the lectures Design of Burners and Furnaces and Heat Exchangers and Steam Generators imparts the necessary knowledge for a critical assessment and professional design of said technical systems, which play a central role in many (industrial) plants and applications.

On the part of teaching physical fundamentals, the lecture Engine-Relevant Spray and Mixture Formation gives a comprehensive insight into the complex process of the atomization of fluid phases, which, for instance, can be found during the injection of fuel in an internal combustion engine. Other applications are the atomization of ink in an ink jet printer or the applying of crop protection products in agriculture.