Colloquia and practicle course



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A self-confident manner and for the audience both fascinating and informative presentations are key skills that engineering students must be mastered in professional life. In particular, own work must be shown convincingly and concise in order to convince the audience (e.g. the boss).
The colloquium is part of the examination of theses (bachelor's and master's thesis) and thus offers the student the opportunity to present its work before the Head of Chair, the scientific staff and student assistants and to get a critically evaluation.



Picture of practicle course Copyright: © Picture: WSA

The practical course Renewable Energy Technology is held every summer term for master students of the degree program energy engineering and consists of 9 different courses. The Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer is taking care of the course „Torrefaction of Biomass“. Torrefaction is a thermal treatment where a type of „bio-coal“ is produced from biomass. By means of this technology the demand of fossil coal can be reduced which leads to lowered CO2 emissions.

In this course the students torrefy beechwood-chips in a screw reactor at 290 °C for 60 minutes to acquire fundamental knowledge about the process of torrefaction.

Contact persons "Torrefizierung von Biomassse": Mathias Koch

Contact modul "Ringlabor Alternative Energietechnik":