Heat Quiz App Example Copyright: © WSA

The HeatQuiz is game-based learning software developed at the Chair of Heat and Mass transfer with the aim of introducing students to the physics of heat transfer in a playful way. The APP is developed for the operating system Android and iOS. The game is open to the public and free of charge.

In the first game mode, the player develops the temperature history in one-dimensional multi-layered walls or for fins. Heat sources and sinks, adiabatic walls and radially symmetric components provide a variety of tasks and yield to a certain complexity of the game. For a heat conduction problem as shown in the top figure, the temperature profile must be developed successively. For this purpose, the correct temperature profiles must be entered in sections in the white boxes. Clicking on a box opens a selection menu with different profile shapes (see bottom figure). If the temperature profile is defined in all subsections, the solution can be checked.

Other game modes are currently under development and are related to the topics

  • surface brightnesses,
  • view factors,
  • energy balances and
  • dimensionless numbers.

For the development of the APP, Dr. Ing. Wilko Rohlfs received a "Fellowship of Digital Teaching" from the Stifterverband in 2017. We also thank the "Exploratory Teaching Space" for an initial sponsorship.