Jet Breakup and Mixture Formation of Novel Biofuels

(2014) [Contribution to a conference proceedings]

[2. International Conference of the Cluster of Excellence Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass : 16.06.2014-18.06.2014, Aachen, Germany]


Selected Authors

Palmer, Johannes
Reddemann, Manuel Armin
Mathieu, Florian
Kneer, Reinhold
Bücker, Isabell

Other Authors

Karhoff, Daniel-Christian
Günther, Claudia
Schröder, Wolfgang
Liebergesell, Bastian
Pauls, Christoph
Bardow, André
Ottenwälder, Tamara
Pischinger, Stefan


  • REPORT NUMBER: RWTH-2015-03228