Fundamental investigation of spray and droplet interaction phenomena in advanced combustion systems


The proposed project aims for innovative molecular controlled strategies to avoid droplet deposition in the film or on the piston surface which ultimately leads to an improved distribution of fuel and oxidiser and reduced undesired emission. Therefore, a profound understanding of the influence of multiple-fuel injections and subsequent spray-wall/film-interaction on the development of local rich mixture regions (potentially leading to HC emissions) is necessary. First sub-goal is the development of a novel test-bench that enables innovative laser-optical studies on the interaction of micro-droplets and sprays with walls and films under engine relevant conditions. Second sub-goal is the development of regime maps for droplet-wall/film-interaction thresholds (e.g. potential adhesion of droplets onto the piston surface), that can be utilized for prediction of undesired fuel adhesion. Third sub-goal is an innovative solution for influencing droplet adhesion by adjusting injection parameters, piston surface and lubricating oil film properties.