WSA staff member awarded for best presentation at ProcessNet multiphase flows symposium

  SpraySyn Session Picture Copyright: © WSA Presentation
  Spraysyn Picture Copyright: © WSA

Ms. Sophie Dupont M. Sc. was awarded the prize for the best presentation on the occasion of the annual ProcessNet technical section meeting “Multiphase flows” (Feb 21-22, 2022) for her absolutely convincing and dynamic talk on the topic “Potentials and limitations of ultra-high-speed visualization for characterization of multiphase flows”.

Ms. Dupont is researching the influence of atomization on the targeted formation of nanoparticles in the DFG-funded project “Influence of Atomization on Particle Synthesis in Spray Flames” of SPP1980, using ultra-high-speed visualization methods among others. The project is a joint effort of research groups from Aachen (WSA and ITV) and Paderborn (PVT).